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The majority of building disputes occur where inexperienced or unqualified contractors carry out unsatisfactory construction or maintenance work, and are unwilling, or are unable to rectify the problems they have caused.

Common examples of the type of building firms involved are frequently seen on one of several TV programmes. In each, such as builders can be seen working with inadequate supervision, specifications, a proper contract, and skilled, diligent workers – usually to save money and maximise profit. Unfortunately, such builders often target the most vulnerable customers.
However, where a dispute has arisen an initial report is usually needed to assess whether there is a viable case to answer, and if there is any justification in taking matters further. This is normally in the form of a simple building inspection, focusing on the situation and the problems caused.

We are able to provide independent advice to assist the client – often, most disputes can be resolved without, stressful, or potentially expensive litigation. Should the matter however proceed to court we can assist the acting solicitor by providing an expert witness service.